North WestKnows when to sign the paparazzi that it’s time to quit.

Kim KardashianTwitter was used to share a video taken of her and North sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week on July 6—and to provide a little context the a handmade note North held up during the video.

North, anyone who knows her will know how hilarious this video is! Kim posted the following tweet on July 7. North, I think was annoyed by the photographers taking photos of her. So she put STOP on her invitation and held it up.

Kim said that North just wanted the audience to focus on her show and not Kim.

Kim and North wore matching nose rings, which were paired with sharp outfits. Kim wore black sunglasses and a pinstriped dress, while Kim wore silver jewelry and pink sunglasses. North wore a pinstripe skirt with vest and a black button-up shirt, paired with black boots.