Kylie Jenner This story isn’t overdone.

The truth is that the Kardashians star clapped back after a TikTok user said he delivered groceries to her home. 

Use Pablo TamayoThe user, with over 400,000 users on the app, uploaded a video last week claiming that he shipped a package to Kylie while working at Instacart. The user said he picked up a $12 pack of pepperoni from the high-end grocery store Erewhon in West Hollywood and drove it to her home in the Los Angeles area, which he said he recognized from photos online.

“This bitch could have paid me more,” Pablo, 20, said in his video, which was filmed from his car. “It is under Ashton. So I guess it’s her assistant.”

He claimed that he had been told not to take the delivery outside, but rather to “call and go through the gate.”

The video showed Pablo walking up to a residence and asking a person there, “Is this Kylie Jenner’s house?” The video then cuts back to Pablo riding in his car.