There’s also Kiernan’s Lou who acts as Joyce’s foil. Diane describes the intern as “of her time,” which code for Gen Z. “So what was acceptable to me is not to her,” Diane explained. “So, that’s what this show really is all about: What are you going to do to rise to the top?”

The series’ core story is about ambition. Actresses emphasize that they would not enter the field of work if this was the case. This terrible. Diane stated that the positives outweigh any negatives. Diane said, “Alternatives would make us unhappy, but we’d still love to be here.” “We are lucky to work as actors.”

It is true that they mean what they say when they express their passion for creating content. Kiernan said, “I enjoy being entertained, and the fact that others give it to me is a blessing. This is an amazing thing. It’s nice.”