Sharon StoneThe element of surprise is what makes surprises great.

Kaley CuocoThis was evident when the actress she cast to portray her mother on HBO Max, saw it firsthand. The Flight Attendant. In the series, the two have a fraught relationship, with Kaley telling the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience on April 19 about one particular disagreement they filmed: “It’s very emotional and there’s a lot of crying and a lot of this and that.”

Just before the cameras started rolling, Sharon asked Kaley if she could touch her face and she agreed to a gentle caress—but not what came next. Kaley exclaimed, “She whacks my face!” “Like it’s real!”

Kaley recollects the silence in the room and says, “No one moves.” Nobody makes any noise. Nobody knows if Kaley is happy. “Did she say Sharon to slap Sharon?”

Sharon told Kaley that she didn’t mean to do any harm but it felt appropriate for the situation. Kaley agreed, saying that it was an incredible take.