According to Yard’s study, Kylie’s plane’s carbon dioxide emissions are far less than Taylor’s private airplane, which has made 170 trips between January and February according to data compiled from the Yard. @celebjets Twitter account.

CelebHomes News received a response from a representative of the singer, who said that Taylor’s plane is regularly loaned to others. Blatantly, it is incorrect to attribute any or all these trips solely to her.

Nevertheless, Swifties weren’t happy to hear that her jet was polluting.

It is quite shocking. More and more celebs are emphasizing the importance of reducing emissions, but it’s these outrageous overconsumptions that need to be curbed,” one fan wrote on Reddit. After seeing these, although Taylor is a great actress, this made me reconsider my decision to listen to Taylor’s statements about the climate. She really has the ability to achieve better.