Brad PittIt’s having fun in fashion. 

Continuing his recent streak of eclectic red carpet looks, the veteran actor turned heads at the Los Angeles premiere of Bullet Train in a vibrant green suit, styled with a teal undershirt and bright yellow sneakers.

Brad was all attention on his colorful choice in sartorial attire, but all thoughts were focused on the unusual kilt that he wore to the red carpet. When asked about the inspiration behind his skirted ensemble, the Oscar-winner shared that it was a real seize-the day-type vibe.

“I don’t know! We’re all going to die,” he told Variety on Aug. 2, “So let’s mess it up.”

Back on July 19, Brad made headlines at the film’s premiere in Germany when he showed up wearing a loose brown jacket, pink button-up shirt, brown linen kilt and pair of motorcycle boots. At the time, he told the The Associated PressHe chose to wear the linen look because it was “for the wind.”