All it takes to get the job done is one yes

Jenna Bush Hager got emotional after she revealed that her NBC cohost Hoda Kotb She was the one who gave her the big break in life.

During a segment on Today With Hoda & JennaThe duo spoke out about Wednesday, October 27, at 7:45 p.m. They talked about the person who said yes to their careers after they had received a lot of no’s.

Hoda shared with us that Mississippi was a producer for her. Stan Sandroni,He changed everything for her. She said, “He hired me when nobody else would.” “I’ll never forget it. This guy believed and that’s quite shocking. You just need the one.”

Jenna revealed that her “one” person sits beside her every day. “Does anyone know who my one person would be?” You. Jenna told Hoda. “I know that sounds corny and almost didn’t say it.”