Kendall JennerThe new style is hot.

Kendall was seen walking down the runway at Prada’s Milan Fashion Week runway event on February 24. The 818 Tequila founder brought her usual supermodel strut em — but one thing that was noticeably different? Her new hair color!

Kendall went for a ginger-colored hairstyle, with a heavy gelled updo. She paired her fiery locks with cool tones by wearing a silver-colored see-through skirt and gray Mary Jane heels. A navy puffer jacket was worn with blue feathers on her shoulders. Kendall’s make-up, by Pat McGrathThe sand was a simple and elegant base, with a light finish.

While Kendall hasn’t confirmed if the transformation is here to stay, the model has showed off her new ‘do to her Instagram feed twice now. Kendall uploaded an Instagram Carousel on Friday with clips from the runway look as well as a selfie backstage showing off her futuristic hair style.

Kendall shared a couple of photos from her cover shoot on February 24, 2012. i-D Spring 2022: The Out Of Body Issue. Kendall’s beautiful shot shows her ginger locks peeking out of a black cowboy helmet teamed with her pink outfit. 

Kendall stated that, while she was forced to give her character to another person in the past (e.g. for an editorial, campaign, or commercial), she has now “taken that control back”.