The Kelly Clarkson ShowShe also sang “Christmas Isn’t Canceled,” a breakup anthem, which she had released in September.

She said that she was nervous to share this song because it wasn’t your usual Christmas single. Us Weekly. But it was the first song I composed for this album. I wrote it because so many things have happened to us in the past two years: relationships, jobs and people.

She said, “But we should not be looking at every thing that has gone wrong. We should instead look at all the positive things. My therapist told me that this is what I should do, so that’s the song that I am singing! You can’t cancel Christmas no matter what other people tell you.

The American Idol alum hasn’t shied away from discussing her heartbreak since she filed for divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock in June 2020 after seven years of marriage. They share two kids, River7. Remington, 5.

Last December, Kelly explained just how “horrible” it has been to go through a divorce.

“There are so many hard parts and the hardest for me is the kids,” she detailed on her talk show at the time. It’s my most challenging part. “That’s what I find the most difficult part of my job. You should worry about your kids. 

The Grammy-winning singer, who shared his thoughts on The Next Chapter, was much happier in March. Kelly Clarkson ShowYou say, “I am actually in the place where I think that a lot people, I have heard, who go through divorces, it almost feels like you are dating again. Your time is actually taken again. I’m so happy to be with you. “I’m not really looking for it.”