Amanda StantonAfter getting engaged, she isn’t alone in sporting new bling.

On Thursday, Dec. 2, the Bachelor Nation star announced on Instagram that she accepted a marriage proposal from Michael FogelHer boyfriend for over one year. Amanda shared the news with her children on the following day. Kinsley9. Charlie, 7, not only witnessed the moment but also received some sparkling keepsakes.

“Michael proposed in the living room in front of the girls & gave them little diamond rings too,” she wrote on Instagram. “Simple & so perfect! “I still can’t believe that I am able to marry my best friend.”

Amanda, 32, included in her post a photo of herself and her girls sporting their rings while standing with Michael in front of a Christmas tree, where he proposed.

The reality star and Southern California native also shared more family holiday pics, including one showing her and her fiancé with their golden retriever, GeorgeHere is a closer look at her engagement ring. It contains an immense emerald cut diamond, sandwiched between two smaller ones.