She added, “So, for me to tell Rachel, ‘Hey, maybe there is a chance I’m not going to pay you back,’ it would be the same for me to admit, like, my project is not going to work out. This would be the same as admitting defeat on a larger scale.

3. What would she do if deported back to Germany?

Anna is not afraid of being deported. She sees it as an opportunity for her to restart her life. Anna said that she hoped this wouldn’t be the case. “I mean I could go anywhere in the world. It doesn’t mean I don’t have to remain in Germany.
4. Do You Really Consider Anna to be a “Con Artist?”
Anna’s answer is an emphatic “absolutely not.”
You know that I never intended to harm anyone permanently. She said. “I literally cannot come up with a single example where I’m like, ‘Yeah, let me f–k this person over and they’ll never see their money ever again.'”