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Pet owners love their dogs and cats, of course, but no one enjoys stepping on fur and hair all around the house. High-quality vacuums are essential equipment for pet owners. If you are looking for a reliable vacuum, you will find it at BISSELL. The brand recently partnered with proud pet parent Katherine SchwarzeneggerCrossWave X7 Pet Pro Wet Dry Vac is a new product that can be used on wood, tile and carpet.

According to the children’s author, CelebHomes NewsAnimal rescue is an obsession of mine. BISSELL was a place I first discovered when I began caring for dogs around eight years ago. I also learned of its wonderful work in saving homeless pets via the BISSELL Animal Foundation. We share many passions, so it was a natural partnership. We are excited to announce the CrossWave X7 pet Pro Wet Dry Vac.

She also discussed her BISSELL partnership and shared some of her pet-parent essentials such as products that can help animals and their babies adjust to the new lifestyle.