Scott is a great guy Ben Affleck It is huge Back to the Future fan! 

It Tender Bar CelebHomes News exclusive: Star exclusively spoke out during CelebHomes News Daily PopDecember 20th, co-stars will be available for work Christopher Lloyd was “very intimidating”—even as an Oscar winner.

“He is Doc” Back to the Future!” Affleck teased. “He came to the table and read. I was stunned, star struck by the sight of this handsome man emerging from the screen. The movies that you see when you are young can have a profound impact on your life.

Which level does Affleck’s fandom reach? 

He said, “I tried asking him for his autograph”, but I was unable to get up the nerve.” 

Guess Affleck was forced to accept a chance to hang out with other A-listers George ClooneyThe film was directed by. 

Affleck said, “I love George.” He’s intelligent, funny and a fantastic storyteller. He is a joy to be with. It’s easy to see why he gets it. He is charming and charming, thanks to his compassion.