In the typical Grey’s Anatomy fashion, things really hit the fan on the ABC show’s latest midseason finale.

Thank goodness series stars exist! Caterina Scorsone is breaking it all down on CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop.

She joined the host Morgan Stewartand guest host emcee Loni LoveWe weigh in Monday, Dec. 20 on every aspect of the episode’s ending cliffhanger ThisBetween her characters Dr. Amelia Shepherd, and Dr. Kai Bartley she kisses. Grey‘s first-ever non-binary doctor, played by E.R. Fightmaster

The entire season seemed to be leading up to the romantic moment, and once it finally happened, Scorsone was thrilled to see fans’ enthusiastic responses. 

She said that “the reaction was the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” There are millions of videos on YouTube of teenagers watching the final kiss after the season’s build-up. And they can just stare at the camera and then lose their minds.