Justin BieberIt was taken Hailey BieberUp to the North, they are having some fun now in the South.

The couple was spotted out on a snorkeling excursion in the open waters near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on May 26. Clad in a colorful bikini, Hailey went swimming with her husband—who caught some rays in a pair of purple swim trunks—and explored the nearby coves before returning to their boat. They shared a tender hug as they stood on the deck.

CelebHomes News received a report from an eyewitness stating that Justin was “very happy” with Hailey during their outing. She also noted that the pair were laughing and holding hands all day.

The onlooker stated that Justin was always there for her, caring about her every need. They had a wonderful time together and appear to have more love than ever.

Justin and Hailey also enjoyed a sunny vacation at El Dorado Golf and Beach Club where they cuddled and kissed in a cart.