Alexis BledelIt is your turn The Handmaid’s TaleThis is the end.

CelebHomes News received a statement from the actress who played Emily/Ofglen in all four seasons on the Hulu drama.

After much deliberation, I knew I needed to get out of the situation. The Handmaid’s TaleAlexis stated, “At this moment.” “I am forever grateful to [creator] Bruce MillerThank you for creating such honest and meaningful scenes for Emily and MGM.

Alexis was nominated for an Emmy for each season of the series, winning the Guest Actress in a Drama Series trophy in 2017.

When viewers last saw Emily on the series, an adaptation of the classic Margaret Atwood novel, she and a group of escaped Handmaids murdered Commander Fred Waterford (Joseph FiennesHe had arranged a plea bargain that would allow him to walk, in return for being a Gilead spy.

Season Five of The Handmaid’s Tale is expected to premiere on Hulu later this year.