To Miah CerrilloIn a frightening tragedy, her life could have been saved by a quick decision.

Robb Elementary School student in Uvalde Texas, 11 years old, remembered the day of May 24, when an 18 year-old gunman shot in her classroom.

Miah told CNN that after the gunman had targeted her fourth-grade class—taking the lives of teachers Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles, as well as many of her friends—he moved to an adjoining classroom. While he was next door, Miah said sheAnd a friend managed to grab their teacher’s cellphone to call 911, telling the dispatcher, “Please come … we’re in trouble.”

Miah was afraid he’d return so she took blood of a classmate killed and used it as a scrub to make herself dead.

According to Miah, the grade-schooler recalls lying on the ground for hours because she believed that police hadn’t responded to the shooting. CNN reports that Miah was eventually rescued and taken to the hospital with bullet fragment injuries.