BarryNever make it an easy task for yourself. 

Starring the Emmy-winning HBO series Bill HaderBarry Berkman will be returning to television as Barry Berkman. Barry Berkman, the titular Barry Berkman returns to the show for the first time in the season’s premiere. Barry attempts to escape the dangerous and difficult world that he found himself trapped in.

Barry believes that everybody deserves a second chance. 

Ah, it would be easy. 

According to HBO, season 3 will see Barry trying to get out of the contract-killing world and completely immerse in acting. “But getting out is messy. Barry is now able to see that not all of his external influences pushed him toward violence. But he quickly discovers that they aren’t the only ones at work. Is there something in his own mind that made him a murderer? “Season three sees Barry and his friends trying to make the right choices.”

Barry says in the teaser, “We have both been through terrible times in our lives. But I believe that you can become the person you desire to be.” Barry has to use this logic in his trademark way, as he’s had to change almost all of the relationships he was involved in during the previous two seasons.