This is yet another reason to not judge a book by the cover.

The February issue Town & CountryJulia GarnerShe reflected on the time she spent with a convicted fraudster Anna Delveyshe plays the role of Shonda RhimesReihe Anna Invented. And though a lot has been said of Anna, Julia was pleasantly surprised by how “charming” she actually is.

Julia said that she found her sweet and that she was really kind. Julia said that she is very kind. Her voice becomes less gentle when she needs something.

The Ozark Star claims that the fake German Heiress is not humbled in the least by her conviction. Julia said that she wanted to know if Julia had any regrets or time to reflect on what transpired. Anna responded with “I don’t have the time to think.” It’s not a good idea. Julia recalled that she is doing “stupid cuisine art”, as the fake heiress called it.

Julia stated, “I kinda love that about her. In a sickly way.” “She’s in a full jumpsuit saying, ‘I’m obviously not going to make myself food when I get out of jail.'”