Ranch Rules are Relatively PopularRomance is possible. 

Here’s a sneak preview of tonight’s brand new episode. Hana Giraldo Austin Gunnthey venture out of the ranch to meet their first partner. 

“[I’m] little bit nervous about this date,” Austin, a professional wrestler and the son of Wrestling Hall of Famer Billy Gun“It’s either good or bad and it tanks,” he confessed in confessional. It’s either bad or good, and after that it tankes and I feel awkward at home for the remainder of the summer.

He can’t be too nervous though, because once the pair gets to their destination—a western apparel store—he jokingly introduces Hana to the salesman as his “girlfriend.” 

Austin doesn’t mind and she starts to shop.  

You just ended a relationship? Hana is browsing through the racks and asks Hana. “Would Hana pick your outfits for me?”

Austin replies, “No she wouldn’t.” “I’ve always been stubborn, and I wouldn’t allow her to pick my style because it was mine.”