A partial hysterectomy was performed to stop her from having children. In 2017, she stated, “God has plans for everything.” Today show interview, putting that perfectly positive Parton perspective on the situation. I believe it was probably his intention for me to not have children so that everyone’s kids could become mine. They are.

The 2017 book also reveals this. Dolly Parton: Dolly Interviews and Interactions,  she’d admitted that the marriage was “totally open and free,” according to excerpts obtained by the Daily Mail But that openness led to a secret “affair of the heart” and “it just about killed me,” she shared.

Her exaggerations were not untrue. Parton admitted that she had once considered taking her own lives after the heartbreak. Parton said, “I found my burglary gun in my nightstand drawer while sitting in my upstairs bedroom.” It was there for quite some time. Then Popeye came running up the stairs. Daily Mail. I was astonished by the tap-tap-tap sound of his feet. The gun stopped and I froze. The gun was put down. After that, I prayed. Popeye seemed to me like a spiritual messenger of God.”

Her words continued: “I don’t believe I would have done that, killed myself. But I can’t be certain.” After that horrible moment I am able to understand what the options are for anyone who is solid enough.