Julia FoxDating isn’t about looking for uncut gemstones Kanye “Ye” West

Although Ye may be a millionaire, the actress insists she is perfect for dating wealthy men.

Her and on the episode Jan. 21 Niki Takesh‘s podcast Forbidden FruitsJulia denied any speculations that Julia was involved in an illicit relationship with the rapper. She stated she simply couldn’t care less about the amount of attention she has been getting. 

“People are like ‘Oh, you’re only in it for the fame, you’re in it for the clout, you’re in it for the money,'” she said, “Honey, I’ve dated billionaires my entire adult life, let’s keep it real.”

She said, “I don’t really believe in it.” [care]… I just care about making my art and putting things into the world. This is what excites me more than my eyes. It’s all I can do.”