Peters returned to the scene in an unexpected way in January 2020. Talking about her 12-day union with the producer, whom she’d considered a friend for 30 years, Anderson acknowledged it happened on a whim when she was caught up in a spiritual moment—and that it wasn’t official.

Her words were: “I was visiting India when I did the panchakarma cleanse. It took me three weeks to get back in that ayurvedic centre, and I had been meditating for so many clear days.” The New York TimesApril 2020. “I returned and VWOOM! Within 24 hours I met Jon. It was like some kind of whirlwind. And it was done so quickly that it felt almost like nothing. It was nothing physical. It is just friendship.”

According to the celebrity veteran, we are all hurt people. He has recently spoken out about his childhood traumas, such as being sexually abused at 12 and being raped at 12. “And I am a huge believer in fate, destiny and all those crazy stuff. So I just—there’s something about knowing somebody for so long and thinking, ‘Oh!’ It’s—no hearts were broken. It’s not clear what his motives were. The thing is, I’m not even interested in thinking about it. It would probably be too painful.”

Page Six reported that Peters informed the site in an email that he paid off almost $200,000 in bills for her during their brief time together, but he later denied commenting on the matter, telling the Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle, “I haven’t spoken to the press—nobody. This kid has been my best friend since I was twenty-years old. I still love her. We’re friends. They will always remain friends. “I helped her in the way she needed. That’s all that I have to say.”

Anderson spoke to the ChronicleShe said that she didn’t have to be paid by anyone, but then he signed a check for $100,000. This money was used to renovate her house in Ladysmith (a small town located on Vancouver Island’s eastern shore).

She told The, “I hope that he’s doing okay, actually during this entire crisis.” TimesReferring to COVID-19, “because… Anderson said that she is not in contact with him. Asked if she could see herself getting married again, Anderson, clarifying that she had only been married three times (to Tommy, “Bob,” and Rick), replied, “Absolutely! Please, just one more. Please, God, just one more. Please, one more. Only!”