Josh Hartnett may be one of those actors who doesn’t work steadily on the big screen. But, he still has alotta heart! The 36 year-old actor/film producer is a regular on the new TV series “Penny Dreadful,” and can be seen in an upcoming action/adventure/romance film, The Lovers. Yep, it’s fairly self-explanatory. It’s about a man and woman who live in different time periods and geographical locations, but they won’t allow these factors to affect them. Best of luck, Josh! We genuinely give you our blessing.

We also wish him luck in selling his large victorian estate in Minnesota. Hartnett’s interestingly selling the 4 bed and 3 bath home at the same price which he paid for it over 10 years ago. One would not simply pass up on this bargain; 5,056 sq ft of living space, centralized AC, full appliances, wine cellar, fitness room, game room, full landscape views, and more! Then again, Josh Hartnett may not need luck.

Address: 2405 E Lake Of The Isles Pkwy, Minneapolis MN 55405