Jon StewartI hope that Pete DavidsonHe can create his Moment of Zen in the midst of all of the drama Kanye West.

SiriusXM when asked Howard Stern Show About his thoughts on the ongoing conflict between the Saturday Night LiveStar and Kanye told Jon host Howard SternHe said to his friend that he was just a child trying to lead a normal life.

Explaining that he knows Pete “real well,” the former Daily Show host continued, “I think he’s doing as best you can in that situation—when you’re dealing with something that’s so explosive and loaded with all kinds of other things. He is a wonderful kid.

Jon became close friends with Pete throughout the years. John Mulaney and Dave ChappelleFurthermore, he said that he also feels a “paternal instinct”, when it is about his fellow comedians.

During the March 22 broadcast, he stated that “I have seen too many friends get into trouble.” “It is a very f-ked up industry.”