“It’s my life, it’s now or never” is what Bon Jovi’s been singing since March 2013, when Jon first listed his Soho condo for a whopping $42 million. Sure, it may reek of Jovi and his music accomplishments (and a couple of movie accomplishments as well). But $42 million sure does sound considerably steep at least a bit. That’s why Jovi decreased the original price to precisely $39.9 million. A $2.1 million price cut. How phenomenal! Interestingly enough, it took about 6 months for him to mince down the price into more generous chunks. One would assume that the aforementioned condo must be packin’. Just so happens, it sure does.

Jon Bon Jovi headquarters measures at a whopping 7,452 sq ft. So far, so good. Floor plan includes 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. There’s living space up the wazoo here. One could easily imagine how many parties were held in this place. The whole main floor is surrounded by large windows that look out into the full awe-inspiring views of the Soho area and beyond. You can choose to dine by the windows and enjoy the view of the city’s activity or far from the views and eat more privately. However, you must go upstairs to the rooftop at night and take in the views then, as well as enjoy the relaxing and romantic vibes this part of the home has to offer.

Flooring is mildly dark brown hardwood. A few included amenities to name are fireplace, dishwasher, centralized air, doorman, and a modernized kitchen. If you have the dough to spend on this prestigious pad, then why not.

Address: 158 Mercer St, New York NY 10012