Ted Lasso will end after season three—but Toheeb Jimoh has plans for more.

Toheeb plays Sam, the fan favorite AFC Richmond midfielder who announced his plans to stay with the football club at the end of season two. In addition to his future on the pitch, the second season finale introduced a new job title for Sam: business owner!

In the final moments of the season, it was revealed that Sam was paying homage to his heritage by opening a Nigerian restaurant, which feels awfully ripe for a spin-off—but don’t take it from us.

Toheeb said, “I keep trying and pitch it to them,” his Emmy-nominated performance just recently won him. People keep laughing. But I’m being serious, bro. It’s my wish to see Sam at the Apple TV restaurant. Let’s get it done!

Okay, now we are on board. How would this possible spin-off take shape?

Toheeb said that “everybody would have to get involved in it.” I don’t think anyone could do a spinoff with these characters, that doesn’t include any other characters. Roy would be thrilled to host a Sam restaurant series.Brett Goldstein() must be present and have to participate in some way. If everyone agreed to make at least one appearance per season, I’d only be willing to agree.

Roy Kent as the grumpy, yet inherently lovable maître d’, anyone?