MLB great, Johnny Bench, may’ve been sitting on the…..well…..bench, for some time. But, the highly acclaimed Cincinnati Red catcher has sprung out of nowhere and laid down $3.3 million for what is apparently the former home of fellow former MLB player, Matt Morris. Bench made an appearance sometime this passed May for an autograph signing. Aaaaand that’s it! We’re sure that he’s been keeping busy, busy enough to spend the aforementioned kind of dough like it’s nothing. Although it’s reportedly a million dollars less than what Morris paid for the generously-sized community estate in Jupiter, FL.

The olympian-style gateway to the 7,400 sq ft (approximately) home is just a mere taste of what the property offers. A large 3-car garage can be found upon approaching the front entrance of the expanse. Now, lets get into the guts of these real estate digs. It boasts high ceilings and luxury. Comes complete with a master kitchen, spacious hallways, large office/meeting room, fitness room, guest house, and heated pool.

We can’t leave out the full views of the waterfront. Floor plan is 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. If we were Johnny Bench, then we’d live very comfortably just by looking at the frontside of his new real estate purchase! He’s well-compensated. Good for you, Bench, good for you!

Address: 397 Old Jupiter Beach Rd, Jupiter FL 33477