Moby has been around for a long time (Moby Dick too, but yeah……). If you grew up in the late 80’s to prepare for the approach of the 90’s, then you know what’s up about Moby. He’s a 90’s dance icon and continues to produce music. And, he still DJs, at 49 years old. You go, Moby! His latest album, Innocents, was released in October of this year. Another big thing that took place in Richard Melville Hall’s life is he sold what’s known as “Wolf’s Lair,” a notiable castle-like home in the Hollywood Hills area. Oh, and he simply traded homes, the castle for a smaller, yet bigger-than-our-house home in Los Feliz. Well, bigger than ours for that matter!

It measures 4,006 sq ft and sits on approximately 0.29 acres. Floor plan is 4 bed/5 bath. The two-story premises gives off a simple, yet grandiose vibe, with ceilings that are 11′ high, furnished kitchen, breakfast area that opens up immediately to the backyard, home office, laundry room, intercom, security system, and more! Second floor has a spacious wrap-around deck which offers full views of backyard and frontyard activity. Nice pool and large pool house are to be found. The pool house also accommodates extra sleeping arrangements. Some day, when we have $2.9 mill to spend, we’ll buy a house just like the one you bought, Moby. Enjoy!

Address: 5406 Red Oak Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068