This isn’t a drill. Sex and the City fans—Aidan might be back.

John CorbettCarrie Bradshaw played (played by)Sarah Jessica ParkerFor two seasons, boyfriend Aidan Shaw will be in the HBO Max series. He will also appear in season 2 of HBO Max. Just Like ThatAccording toDeadline.

Although the source says the report is speculative at best, it claims Corbett will be “set for a substantial multi-episode trajectory” in season 2. 

When viewers last saw Aidan, he and Carrie ran into each other and shared a kiss—though Aidan was married and Carrie was dating Mr. Big (Chris Noth)—in 2010’s Sex and the City: 2. We can understand why you would choose to forget it.

Carrie ended her engagement with Aidan shortly after that encounter. Sex and the CityThis was the fourth season. Aidan did however meet Carrie during the sixth season. He told Carrie that he is happily married with a son.

In light of Mr. Big’s passing in season one Just Like ThatGiven that Aidan has been gone for more than a decade now, it might be time for us to reconnect.