Some familiar faces are scrubbing back in for season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy.

On Aug. 18, ABC shared its returning cast for the long-running medical drama’s upcoming season, and while the dramatic season 18 finale appeared to set up some departures, a whole lot of fan-favorites are back.

Owen’s May finale was a surprise.Kevin McKiddTeddy and his wife TeddyKim Raver), who were on the run from the law, leaving the country on a plane with their kids. 

Looks like they got a return ticket back to Seattle, as McKidd and Raver are returning to the series, as are two of the remaining original cast members Chandra Wilson (who plays Miranda Bailey) and James Pickens Jr. Richard Webber. After the closing of the teaching program, the fates of their characters at Grey Sloan Memorial was up for discussion. 

In addition, lovebirds Maggie (Kelly McCreary) Winston (Anthony Hill) will be back as well as Amelia (Caterina ScorsoneJoCamilla Luddington), Link (Chris Carmack() Jake Borelli (Levi).