Although Joe is an advocate of injectables and partnered with Xeomin (an FDA approved cosmetic injectable), he reminded that anyone wanting to dabble with the treatment should not only speak to the experts first but do their research.

He advised that you talk to your doctor, dermatologist or any other person who has the most knowledge about these matters. Just like any food or beverage I consume, or products I use on my hair and face, I need to be able to trust them.

The Jonas Brothers member, who welcomed his second daughter in July with wife Sophie TurnerHe is not unfamiliar with the limelight. He said that he doesn’t feel the pressures Hollywood puts on him, particularly when it comes down to how he looks.

His words were: “I feel fortunate to have had the support of great people.” “I have kind of reached a point in my own life that I am able to make confident decisions on my own and decide what it is I want. This is how I feel.”

He summed up the situation perfectly: “This is how I feel good, and that’s what really matters.”