Shoes, accessories and inconsistencies can sometimes ruin an outfit. Heidi KlumIn this case, it was the wrong style of hair.

So was it with the The Cut co-host’s 2008 Oscars red carpet ensemble. CelebHomes News looks back on some of the most memorable outfits she wore over the years. Daily PopShe shared her regrets about that look.

“[John] GallianoHe made it for me. It is a beautiful dress. My huge bun is what I do not love about this dress,” she only said Daily Pop‘s Francesca Amiker. “I was a teenager and my hairdresser said that this bun was too large. She was just like “No, this bun is too big.” You need it to be more.

Despite her disappointment, she managed to make light of the hair-raising situation at the awards ceremony. “When we went to the Oscars people kept talking about the bun. I thought it was funny because the Oscars were long. She recalled that she had all kinds of snacks inside. So, it was only me making fun.