After reading this piece of real estate news, you may wonder if Late Night’s new host, Jimmy Fallon, has become inspired by Darth Vader. Fallon appears to be slowly taking over the 1883 co-op building on 34 Gramercy Park E through the purchase of a new unit. He already owns two units of the historic structure. Makes you wonder what is it about the building that attracts Fallon. Of course, Jimmy may be purposely buying out the units simply because…….well…….he can. It’s reported that views and feedback have been in the show’s favor ever since Jimmy Fallon took over. Enjoy, Fallon, enjoy.

The condo sports 4 bedrooms, but has one bathroom. However, it opens up nicely to full views of Gramercy Park E and Gramercy Park itself similarly to his previous two units. It’s said that much work needs to be done to the place. Fallon spent $1.35 million for the additional unit, and will have to invest into it further. This shouldn’t pose as a problem for Darth Fallon.

Address: 34 Gramercy Park E, New York NY 10003