Also, the singer spoke out about why she chose to do her concert in her memory of her mother’s passing. According to her, “The most difficult part wasn’t performing the show.” “The show was kind of a trippy, weird dream. It was really hard to believe that it was possible for me not to do the show by myself. But I am so thankful that lots of people I love showed up at the show and joined in.”

Jessie continued, “I got in the car after the show, by myself, and I got home and I opened my front door and I closed the door and I fell to my knees. It was that moment when I realized, apart from my profession, motherhood and the joy of having children was my biggest thrill in my entire life.

The 34-year-old said she is grateful she “got to experience being pregnant,” adding, “It’s honestly brought me to some of the happiest moments that I’ve felt because…it’s opened the door for me to love myself deeper. I’m still processing the whole thing and I still have moments of intense sadness and grief, but I also have moments of excitement knowing that I won’t do it alone.”