Tom SchwartzAnd Katie MaloneyDivorce is done differently.

On the August 19th episode, Tom Tom owner and his ex-wife joined him on her podcast. Katie Maloney: You’re Going to Love Me, which comes during a particularly strange time for the former couple, as they’re closing the sale on the home they used to share during the week that would’ve marked their sixth wedding anniversary. 

Katie said, “I feel remiss if I don’t acknowledge our anniversary in this year because technically we are married until late this year.”

Tom said, “Best ever wedding.” “My favorite wedding, objectively, and I’ve been to a lot. It was beautiful. [I] might go back and watch the episode—not drunk though, then I’ll be a sad sack.”

He could watch the special for the first-time if he does. Vanderpump RulesEpisode in its entirety. Tom said that he’d seen about 40 percent. It’s beautiful in its original state and it doesn’t need to be tarnished.