Jena MaloneShe is being open about her “sexual journey.”

It Hunger GamesAlum revealed that he was pansexual recently in an Instagram posting, writing, “I guess I felt like a heterosexual man living in a female’s body.” His desires were visualized and he placed them on me. This was only a part of the story.

“So, I’ve been learning new ways to tell it,” she said. I’m trying to find words that are more appropriate for my storytelling. Pansexuality. Sapiosexuality. Polyamory. My story requires me to understand a wider range of things.

Here’s an interview with The Hollywood ReporterAccording to the 37-yearold, it felt so good to share her sexuality. It’s something she has been considering for quite some time. “The sexual journey can be so wonderful. All of them are amazing.

Jena admits that she feels “a bit late” in the game of being able have less shame, but Jena loves the “process of learning more about herself and others through various terms that open windows. Those windows turn into doors and I finally find a place where all the cool stuff is out there.”