Betty Gilpin‘s Law & OrderYou will be able to say “Dun Dun!” through your own experience.

The GLOW actress recently recalled a less than pleasurable experience she had during one of her early appearances on the NBC procedural. Gilpin appeared on at least three occasions. Law & Order series, in four different roles.)

Specifically, Gilpin recounted one particular experience on set, when she was zipped into a body bag—and left there.

Deadline shared the following: 20 Questions podcast on Aug. 26. “Basically at the start of the scene I am zipped up inside the bodybag, then there is a scene in front the bag and they all go away. I heard ‘zip’—the scene happens—’Cut. That’s lunch!’ “The van doors are closing, the vans start to drive off, my footsteps getting closer and further on gravel.”

Gilpin, however, recalled that a PA had told Gilpin she was in the bag. 

“I hear, ‘Oh my God!’, then gravel footsteps get closer and closer. [they]She said, “Unzip my side.” It was both terrifying and exciting. Whoops. 

But, lucky for that PA—Gilpin said she “wasn’t gonna tell anyone” because the role was one of her first jobs in the industry.