“Oh look, Jackie Chan!” said Peter Griffin in an episode of “Family Guy” involving the gang having to flee to China until it’s safe to return to Quahog. Anyone would bet their last Candy Crush life that Seth MacFarlane would cite the exact same quote if he were to arrive at the gates of Chan’s ex-palace in good ole Beverly Hills. Jackie Chan, a highly likable character on-screen and off-screen, is a talented cinematic veteran whose name speaks globally for himself. Oh, and Jackie’s cool because he likes pandas and koalas. Chan owned his former California base for years until 2005, when he sold it for $6.3 million.

The current distinctively privileged owner (at least I would feel as such) has just placed The Forbidden Chan Kingdom on the market for $9.5 million. The 7,638 sq ft residency was built in 1986. Both the entrance leading to the premises and exit contain huge black automatic double-door  gates. Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice a roundabout with a decorative water fountain in the center of it. The home is hidden fairly well with surrounding trees and vegetation. You’d also notice right away that there are two romantic narrow pathways, one on each side of the house. The future owner and guests would be treated to further appealing vegetation as they travel along either pathway.

Lot contains an on-site 3-car garage. The roundabout by the entrance leading to the house may permit 1 or 2 parked cars. If a die-hard Jackie Chan fan were to backflip kick that front door and step through the main entrance, then they’d most likely conclude the place still reeks of Chan……….in a good way, of course. Entrants would be greeted with two-stories of extreme elegance. The former house of Chan weighs in astonishingly at 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Upon entering, the main focal point is more than likely to be the ostentatious curvy flight of stairs. Upstairs contains a presidential hallway and study area with some double doors which overlook the backside of the house.

Upstairs has 4 large suites. Main master bedroom is furnished with a fireplace and a unisex walk-in closet, which the size of is inhumane. Make that the sixth bedroom! Kitchen comes equipped with the basics; refridgerator, microwave, oven, and island table. Choose to dine in the kitchen or a convenient breakfast nook. A majority of the furnishings are included in the hefty price tag, except for some accessories. Cheer up! The place has both a wine cellar and a bar. Did I also mention that the backside of the house is that of a high-class hotel’s? The back area has a tremendous amount of space for barbeques. additional beach-style seating arrangements, a nice-sized pool, and hot tub. Overall, this home emphasises on style, classic luxury, and quantity. It also serves as a perfect location for Pitbull’s next music video. Dale!

Home Address: 1705 Green Acres Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (Los Angeles – California)