“Instead of in God We Trust, in Gates We Trust,” said Robin Williams during his stand-up comedy show held in New York City in 2002. Bill Gates, best known for being the founder of Microsoft, reportedly laid down $8.7 million……you guessed it……..cash for a house and 4.8 acres of property not too long ago. Nevermind about the “reportedly” part, knowing that Gates is the second richest being on the planet. Prior to buying this 142,005 sq ft of property, Bill strictly rented. I know, surprising. Then again, the thought of dabbling in real estate is distant when you have enough money to wipe yourself with, construct a house with, and call it chump-change. Gates actually has a monstrous establishment in his home state, which weighs in at over 5 acres. Gates’ secondary headquarters is located in Wellington, FL.

One of the reasons as to why the technology mogul opted for the 2010-built home and vast surrounding land was because of her daughter, who holds a great liking towards horses. In fact, Gates rented out the very home he just purchased in January of 2012 while his daughter competed in the Equestrian Winter Festival. The 4.8 acre property includes a barn that can house up to 20 horses. Eat your heart out, Old Macdonald! Furthermore, the plot of land also includes a show-jumping arena. There’s adequate space for Gates’s little girl to roam freely with her horses, perhaps more-than-adequate. But, with great land comes great responsibility! Surrounding the premises is somewhat of a variety of attractive trees.

Although the newly acquired high-class Gates Motel was built in 2010, the exterior has a hint of old-fashioned-ness to it. Nonetheless, the home’s 7,234 sq ft shell is well-maintained and offers a clean look and feel. The roofing adds a nice mediterranean touch to the overall appeal. You’ll find 4 bathrooms in the house of Gates, one of which is so large that it can be almost be mistaken for a full-sized bedroom. Accompanying the 4 bathrooms are 4 bedrooms. Lets not leave out the ginormous kitchen. Kitchen’s already furnished with a microwave so Mr. Gates can heat up them hotpockets while checking his stocks. An oven is at his disposal if he musters the energy to cook.

The kitchen’s also equipped with an island-style counter. Judging by its size, the countertop’s possibly capable of accommodating a dozen people. As for the living room, there’s sufficient space for potentially two DJs and a new Windows Operating System launch party. The party could extent to the back, where you’ll find a nice rectangularly-shaped pool and a romantic altar-like seating area nestled in the corner of a large patio. Mr. Gates and family will be living right by Florida Turnpike and a few exits south of City Place, a fairly reputable area saturated with shopping, dining, Barnes & Nobles, and nightlife. If they ever need to fly out, then there’s Palm Beach International Airport about a few miles north of them. Oh wait………private helicopter……..

Home Address: 13808 Fairlane Ct. Wellington, FL 33414