He then introduced Fey, who added that this wasn’t the smallest crowd she’d ever performed to because she’d once “done improv in a Macy’s.” 

Hanks claimed that Fey started the 5-Timers Club. Fey replied cheekily, “Oh! Like you started COVID!” 

Rudd was welcomed on stage by the pair. The actor appeared content, but Rudd stated that he wasn’t happy with the result. 

In an attempt to make his spirits bright, Hanks showed Rudd the “very special message” that Steve Martin I had sent him to congratulate Rudd on his new title. The hilariously poorly-dubbed video seemed to be congratulating Rudd, but Hanks. Also, it featured an appearance from Martin ShortMartin forced him to leave the camera when he admitted that he’d only been on the show three times. 

Fey was also seen reprising her role at the show’s opening. Weekend Update, filling in for Colin Jost who was not present and cracking jokes about current events opposite current anchor Michael Che

Charli XCX was not able to perform, but she made an appearance on one of the pre-recorded sketches. She played a macaw named Charli T.J. T.J.

The segment parodied the 2000 Christian group single, “The Christmas Shoes”. NewSong and featured Rudd and Kyle MooneySinging about a boy who tries to buy socks for his mother for Christmas. After a difficult year, and the death of their bird, they discover that he has joined a band. 

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