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Although makeup and skin products are always appreciated gifts, can you get caught up in picking items out for yourself while you shop for them? Do you feel the same? It’s important to pick thoughtful gifts, but you can easily get distracted when you are in the shopping mall. With Mother’s Day coming up, you can treat the maternal figure in your life And It Cosmetics has a Buy One, Get One Free deal.

Unfortunately, Everywhere It Cosmetics product is not a part of this deal, but so many of the top-selling, highly reviewed products are. All you need to do is add at least two items from this list to your cart and the discount applies in your cart with the promo code GIFT1GET1. One moisturizer to give mom and one for you. You can also pamper mom by gifting her her favourite products, so that she is ready for the coming months.

It Cosmetics has many other great offers right now. You get a complimentary tote bag with four samples and a $100+ purchase. You’ll receive the tote bag and four samples if you spend more than $125. These are the deals you can’t miss.