The Circle It’s back, and it’s not square.

Season four of the Netflix reality series is back! We were thrilled to see the brand-new trailer released by the streaming service on April 27th. It is not disappointed. The season has been dubbed the “spiciest yet.” Michelle Buteau–hosted series promises more catfishing, more drama, more money and more surprises than ever before.

Michelle says “We’re Back, Baby” in the trailer. This is social media’s ultimate game where you can either play yourself or pretend to be someone else. Are they able to pretend that they’re a German Heiress? Oh waitThe wrong Netflix series.

Michelle says, “And honey. You already know there are more twists to come than ever before.” 

Drama has started, however. One contestant in the video says, “There was a date violation.” With others adding, “what in the 2001 is happening,” and “Y’all need to pay y’all f––king bill.”