Sometimes, an ex comes in at just the right moment!

You can find this article here Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? sneak peek, sparks are flying at the roller rink between Nikki GlaserAnd her ex-boyfriend. Chris Convy—both of whom recently moved back to their hometown of St. Louis. Nikki, dressed in a helmet and elbow and knee pads, quickly abandons the idea of skating with Chris. Instead, she decides to jump on Chris’ back. The comedian says, “Seriously,” and he replies that his breathing is laborious.

They fall, it is inevitable.It is hard. Chris cheerfully says, “I believed I could get around that rink,” and “and I failed.”

Nikki doesn’t hold it against him, though (or perhaps she’s just too concussed to properly react), and as they strip off their skates, the conversation quickly turns flirtatious. Chris comments, “Sometimes it’s like, Does everybody have that good of a time? Or is it me?’

Nikki replies, “I mean… a lot people have fun with me.”