Isla FisherAnd Josh GadThe new Peacock Series is simply unlike anything you have ever seen. 

Dubbed Wolf Like MeThe premiere of six episodes in January’s telenovela follows Gary (Gad), an emotionally drained man who struggles to provide for his young daughter after the loss of his wife. Mary (Fisher), on the other hand, has a secret which she is unable to tell anyone.

This sounds like your average drama. But it’s not.

“I’ve done dramas—between MarshallAnd Murder at the Orient ExpressAnd Love & Other Drugs, I’ve definitely dabbled—but I’m always looking for a challenge in any script, and with Wolf Like MeIt had a newness to it,” Gad told CelebHomes News exclusively. It was unlike any other book or movie I have ever seen. This felt like an exciting challenge and exciting opportunity.

Fisher agreed completely, Wolf Like MeAs “an intriguing mix of genres.”