Elon MuskThe most recent achievement of’s was out of this universe.
This is the choice for Tesla CEO and world’s most wealthy person TimeThe publication revealed the 2021 Person-of-the Year on Monday, December 13. The magazine’s editor in chief, “Persona of the Year” is an indicator of influence. Edward Felsenthal, wrote. Musk has had far greater influence on the human condition on Earth and possibly off Earth than any other individual. Musk became not only the wealthiest person in the world but was also perhaps the best example of an important shift in the society.
SpaceX Engineer has been a successful entrepreneur, and he continues to take his aerospace company to great heights. SpaceX was the first private firm to launch astronauts into space in 2020. This September saw the company’s first all-private mission to the moon.
Elon said that “I feel like we have had many years success” and that not many employees at the company saw a launch fail. Time. “Many people have never, in their entire careers, experienced a crisis.”