Do you Sydney Sweeney have some EuphoricHave news you would like to share?

It appears that the actress, who portrays Cassie Howard in the hit HBO series, may be engaged to her restaurateur boyfriend Jonathan Davino.

Though the couple has not publicly confirmed the news, a newly redheaded Sydney was photographed wearing a gorgeous diamond ring on This finger while out in Los Angeles on Monday, Feb. 28. CelebHomes News has one photo that shows the Handmaid’s Tale star chatting with a friend in the Southern California city while rocking the new accessory. 

When Sydney took to Instagram, March 1, she did not answer the question about engagements. Sydney instead revealed more about her recent hair transformation and shared the details of her new look for her forthcoming film. National AnthemShe’ll be playing Penny Jo Poplin in the movie. Alongside a photo of herself in character, Sydney captioned the Instagram post, “Penny Jo.”

As fans of the star will know, she tends to keep her social media pages focused on her work. Although it has been 4 years since Sydney (24), and Jonathan (37) first began dating, very little else is known about the couple’s relationship. In fact, Sydney and Jonathan have only stepped out to public events together on rare occasions.