Larry DavidHe found himself in a new awkward position.

It was only hours ago Larry David ShowIt was supposed to debut on HBO Max. However, they abruptly removed it from their schedule. 

In tweetHBO posted the following Monday night: #LarryDavidStoryThe @HBOMax broadcast is now being delayed. Larry decided to perform it before an audience. Keep checking back for more information.

Two-part documentary series that chronicles the life and comedy of comedian legend at 74, will air on March 1, 10:10 p.m. ET.

The network claims that the series is meant to show viewers “a glimpse behind the curtain”, as David opens up about his professional and personal highs and lowers. This includes his beginnings in Brooklyn as a frank kid and his rise to America’s favourite misanthrope.

Also, it promised that the notoriously closed-minded comic would finally open his eyes like never before. 

According to the description of the program, “In between reflecting upon his bumpy journey to success…David shares thoughts on everything form metaphysics to parenting.” The show is “Genuinely funny, eye-opening and brilliant.” Larry David StoryThis documentary sheds new light on the famous cynic, who is still a unique voice in comedy today.”