Sewer pipes can be buried. The depth of the sewer pipes depends on many factors. It’s worth noting that regulations state any sewer with a diameter over 225mm needs to be at least 600mm under an allotment or footpath and 900mmBelow a road

Home sewer pipes tend to have a smaller diameter. may not be as deep. However, this depends on your land’s gradient. A sewer pipe should be at a slight angle from your house. This can indicate that one side is significantly deeper than the other.

It is important to identify the exact location of your sewer pipes and its depth before you plan on repairing them. This information can be found on most house plans. However, it is also helpful to know the location of access points.

Understanding the Damage

It is important to understand the problem before you start a repair. This means you need to know what the problem is. finding a sewer camera for saleYou can then run it through your pipes. This will reveal the extent of your damage.

It is vital as this will allow you to locate and repair or replace the damaged section. It should also show what caused the problem. Pipe breakages are often caused by tree roots. Replacing the pipe isn’t enough, it will need to be protected from the roots in the future or the tree cut down.

Repair or replacement

Once you have identified the issue, it is possible to evaluate the options for repair. You can repair minor damage by applying a liner. A technique known as bursting can be used to fix major damages.

However, professional help is required for both these techniques.

You are most likely to do the traditional repair yourself. It involves opening up the pipe and cutting off the affected section. Then, you will install a new one.

This sounds very simple. It is possible to be more efficient if you let professionals do it.

  • Pipes complex

It’s fairly easy to dig up a straight pipe run and replace it. But, if you have a complex pipe arrangement, especially with neighbour’s pipes joining it, doing it yourself means you risk damaging the neighbour’s sewer pipe.

It can become costly and complicated quickly.

  • There is time involved

It takes time digging up your yard even with a mini-digger. You’ll then have to contend with removing the damaged section and replacing it. It’s important to think about how much time this takes and what else you could be doing with that time. This may not be worth the effort.

  • There are health risks

Don’t forget what goes through the sewer pipes. Human waste is hazardousYou could get a number of illnesses. Protective gear should at least be worn. It is safer to leave it to the pros.

Should you do the sewer repair yourself?

Your final decision is up to you. You can only decide if the risk and what it involves for you to try to repair it.