Jenna OrtegaStrange and unorthodox. At least she’s in this new trailer for Netflix. Wednesday.

The streamer released a glimpse at Wednesday Addams, a series that was directed by Tim Burton, giving fans a first look at Ortega’s transformation into the macabre teen.

In the video, she braids her hair darkly into Wednesday’s trademark style. Then, with ominous music playing, she takes the stage in a stunning look worthy of only two pictures. Of course we are referring to Wednesday’s return of the famous black baby doll gown.

Ortega isn’t alone in the teaser, however, as she’s joined by Thing, the disembodied hand who’s part of the creepy and kooky family. Thing, who starred as the villain in its June trailer, warned of the impending terror: She is called…Wednesday.

What can you expect from this show? Wednesday follows the ScreamAlumna as the titular 16 year-old character. She begins her new journey as a Nevermore Academy student. Netflix describes the series as a “sleuthing and supernaturally-infused mystery” that follows her “as she attempts to master her psychic abilities, stop a murder spree in the nearby town, and finally solve the mystery surrounding her father’s death 25 years ago.”